Wysing Arts Centre

N55 WALKING HOUSE - On show at Wysing Arts Centre, near Cambridge, until 23 December 2008

Danish artists N55 have taken the historic model of the 18th century Romani horse carriage and re-worked it for the 21st century.

Posted by Judi Coe on 14th November 2008

art + industry = // event page now live...

Add your thoughts on the day!

Posted by Simon Zimmerman on 19th May 2008

MeiGeist - best ARG of 2007

MeiGeist, an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) developed by Hazel Grian during her placement at HP Labs In Bristol, was named as the most outstanding ARG of 2007 by players and critics.

Posted by Simon Zimmerman on 15th May 2008

Adobe / Macromedia

Julie Myers' placements at Adobe

Documentation now available...

Posted by Simon Zimmerman on 5th February 2008

BBC Creative Archive Licence Group

More BBC placements are being planned

Keep an eye on this site for more information...

Posted by Simon Zimmerman on 5th February 2008

Interact website enters the final stage development

Get ready for Septmeber 2008...

Posted by Simon Zimmerman on 30th January 2008

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