Wysing Arts Centre

N55 WALKING HOUSE - On show at Wysing Arts Centre, near Cambridge, until 23 December 2008

Danish artists N55 have taken the historic model of the 18th century Romani horse carriage and re-worked it for the 21st century. Working closely with specialists at MIT Institute of Engineering in Massachusetts they have built a fully functioning Walking House – the house walks using adapted linear actuators. The design allows the structure to move slowly at the same pace as a human can walk, about 5km an hour in real terms.

Visit Wysing Arts Centre and see the designs, manuals and concepts for the Walking House for yourself and experience the structure as it moves through the rural landscape in and around Wysing’s 11 acre site.


Wysing Arts Centre Fox Road, (near) Bourn Cambridge CB23 2TX

T. 01954 718 881 E. info@wysingartscentre.org

Open : Mon - Sun 12-5pm during Exhibitions

Admission is Free.

Posted by Judi Coe on 14th November 2008

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