Paul Summers

Placement at H J Banks

Mr Blue Sky

Posted by Judi Coe on 2nd April 2008

Extract from Paul Summers document 'Mr Blue Sky', in which he outlined some of the creative possibilities he identified for Banks 

'I have grown to genuinely believe that it is business and business people, and not the social sector or democratic politics, that have the potential and capacity to deliver the most sweeping and revolutionary changes in lifestyles and attitude...

'I’m particularly interested in the complex notion of ‘community’ and the equally complex idea of ‘sustainability’ in all its guises. I’m interested in the idea of social and corporate responsibility, in aesthetics, in well-being...

'It is not unrealistic for companies such as Banks, either alone or with carefully chosen partners, to aim towards building houses, commercial premises, whole communities that are deemed very good or excellent in terms of their ecological specification and design feel. Incorporating and normalizing the idea of eco-excellence and aesthetics into the identification process of development sites as well as the planning and design of sites will be crucial if Banks are to be identified as innovators...'

One of many poems written by Paul Summers during his placement:

(tow law, co. durham)

brutal rain this
a rain that hurts
melts windows
& a man’s resolve

the dull, wet copper
of a kestrel corpse
punctuates puddles
on inkerman road

blood-spot revelation
pathetic & prophetic
his heart punctured
by a hawthorn spear

& brutal rain this
the end of beauty
leper trees repent
wind-blast & guilt

winter’s only hope
an arc halo on the fell
the accusatory finger
of low, cold sun.