Sebastiaan Straatsma

Placement at QUEST


In 2007 Quest 1 brought together nine designers from the UK and the Netherlands and two companies, BGB Engineering and Smith of Derby in the East Midlands. The aim of the project was two-fold, to enable the manufacturing companies to explore big picture issues through a process of blue sky thinking; and to support designers to develop extended portfolio experience within businesses.

Quest 1 - in which Arts Council East Midlands collaborated with the Dutch organisation Young Designers & Industry (YDI) - was a knowledge transfer laboratory that travelled between the Netherlands and East Midlands.

It had a simple methodology. Following the selection of the businesses and designers, there were three workshops in the UK and the Netherlands. The first workshop introduced the businesses to the designers and set the ‘quests’.

The second workshop in Amsterdam showcased examples of designers working with businesses in new ways and saw the designers present their first responses and spend time in designers’studios. At the third  workshop at The Hub in the East Midlands the designers presented their final concepts to the companies, who were able to choose one idea or concept each to take forward for further working. The designers worked in groups and presented collaboratively.

Sebastiaan Straatsma and Ursula Lavrencic  formed one of the three teams who produced initial concepts.See Documents for a description of their ideas.

Sebastiaan Straatsma (Netherlands)
Following his education at the Design Academy Eindhoven where he worked on projects with Gijs Bakker (Droog) and Mark Gabbertas (London), Sebatiaan Straatsma has been working solo and in collaborationin various fields such as material research, concept, product, furniture, light and interior design.

Clients include Droogdesign, OMA Architects, Essent energy, Rabobank, Gijs Bakker Design, Leolux, Bombay Sapphire, Poulmann, Vasd ontwerpers and Proef Rotterdam.

In 2003 during the Milan Furniture Fair, he launched his first self-produced collection `Random Industry Upgrade’ about using elements of the industry for upgrading products in an ever-changing environment. This was featured in the New York Times.

Sebastiaan Straatsma’s work is part of the Booijmans van Beuningen Collection in Rotterdam and was part of international exhibitions at the V&A museum `Brilliant’, SF Moma `Recent Dutch Design’ and Museum fur Angewantekunst Koln `Design for Industry’.