Pedro Zaz

Placement at The Institute of IT Research (IPTI)

A pioneering project to digitise cultural centres and establish a network for the sharing of cultural products in Brazil led to two Interact placements for British-based artists. Part of the Brazilian government’s Pontos de Cultura (Cultural Points) initiative, it  involved connecting up existing cultural organisations all over Brazil, ranging from film clubs and samba schools to native American groups documenting their culture.

Under the ‘Cultura Viva’ programme, these communities were provided with multimedia studios configured with free and open source software tools and supported with regional workshops, enabling them to produce digital content and to communicate with other groups across Brazil and beyond. The aim was to establish some 600 Cultural Points.

The Arts Council’s host partner in Brazil was the IPTI - Institute de Pesquisas em Tecnologia da Informação (Institute of Information Technology Research) - a Sao Paolo multidisciplinary centre of study, research and installation of IT services.

Pedro Zaz worked as a researcher and developer on open source and as Online VJ for the Ministry of Culture of Brazil during his placement. (See

Pedro´s work features:  large-scale video installations, club-VJ, music production, video art for festivals, web work and interactive art. He was lecturer at Futuresonic 2007 in Manchester where he runs the Showskills with affiliates in Brazil, Japan, Russia, London, Madrid and Lisbon.
Recently, Pedro won an International VJ Championship in Budapest and worked for the Royal Festival Hall opening ceremony, where he designed and created a multi-screen video installation on London's biggest art and music icon walls. 

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