Tom Espiner

Placement at University of Birmingham

Tom Espiner, an actor and co-director of Sound and Fury Theatre Company, is working with the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham as an artist-in-residence until June 2008.

The project is an opportunity to research ideas for a performance piece, which will focus on astronomy and the human interaction with the universe.

Sound and Fury has previously staged work in total darkness with surround sound design immersing their audiences in an environment, which harnesses the power of the imagination and heightens the aural sense.  Tom is interested in using these methods to explore ideas of light and darkness in astronomy. He also wants to frame the scale of the universe in a different perspective by paralleling the cosmic with everyday experience. 

He is keen to explore metaphor, analogy and patterns in both art and science.  The idea of pattern seeking and pattern interpretation is both a scientific and artistic pursuit.  Where these pursuits share common ground and where they diverge may provide fertile grounds for discussion.

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