Julie Myers

Placement at Adobe / Macromedia

To Travel Somewhere

Posted by Julie Myers on 16th November 2007


(go to Travel Somewhere web site)

To Travel Somewhere was developed during a placement at Adobe in San Francisco.


To Travel Somewhere is a mobile phone/walking project by artist Julie Myers in which she attempts to experience a place through the memories of other people. The project took place in 2007 in three cities: San Francisco, Helsinki and Cambridge, all three cities being synonymous with the development of mobile technology.

The journeys are initiated by asking people she meets on the street to direct her to their favourite place. Following their instruction she captures the route in image, text and video on her mobile phone. This material is then loaded onto the project web site and given GPS coordinate to locate it on a global map.

The journeys take her to swimming pools, cafés, parks, rooftops, harbours, rivers, galleries, museum, markets, bars, and are documented by fragments of architecture, colour, texture and sounds. The walks create an alternative portrait of each city, a kind of emotional map in which the audience discovers a place through the memories of others.

This project has been supported by:

Arts Council England Enter_ (UK) The Junction (UK) Wysing Arts Centre (UK) Adobe Macromedia (USA) Montalvo Arts Centre (USA) Ministry of Culture in Helsinki (FI)